Friends Made Easy.

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What is Friendsy?


Browse for potential friends or
more-than-friends around campus.


Indicate your level of interest or send an anonymous compliment.


If the feeling is mutual, both of you will receive a notification.

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Meet New People

Venture outside of your friend circle - there are tons of awesome people on your campus that you have yet to meet.

No Risk

Once you indicate interest in someone, they will not know it's you unless they also indicate that same interest.

Pick Your Level

Decide if you want to be friends with, hookup with, or date the other student. Or if you want to put a smile on someone's face, just leave an anonymous compliment.

Your College Hub

Campus Contained

Only people from your school with a .edu email address can be in your network. No parents, no employers, no randos.

What's the buzz?

See what your fellow classmates are saying. Even if you go home for the weekend, you won't miss a beat of what's going on at school.

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